Wine Production And Quality

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Gourmand Award for the No

1 Best Wine Book in the World for Professionals Since the publication of Wine Production Vine to Bottle 2005 and Wine Quality Tasting and Selection 2009 , there has been a great deal of change in the wine industry, and the perceptions of critics and expectations of consumers have shifted

Also discussed are the steps producers may take, and the limitations they may face, in creating quality wines

Part 1 of the book provides a structured yet easily readable understanding of wine production, from vine to bottle

Part 2 looks at quality in wines the concepts and techniques of tasting are detailed, along with the challenges in recognising and assessing quality

The book will prove valuable to beverage industry professionals, wine trade students, wine merchants, sommeliers, restaurateurs , and wine lovers as well as those entering or thinking of entering the highly competitive world of wine production.

The impact of natural factors, including climate and soil, is considered, together with the decisions made and work undertaken in the vineyard and winery

This comprehensive guide explores the techniques of wine production in the vineyard and winery, and considers their impact upon the taste, style and quality of wine in the bottle

Wine Production and Quality, Second Edition brings together its two predecessors in one updated and considerably expanded volume

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